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Why Mondolfo?

My grandmother was born in the village of Mondolfo, in the Marche region of Italy. It is located 6 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea high on a gently rolling hilltop. It is a very small town that has been around since the 6th century. It currently reflects its more recent history. It is known to have had a moat and is a walled city. I chose the name over my own. I wanted something unique and different that reflects a part of my story. My grandmother had a huge influence on me. This is a way of showing my appreciation. Having visited Mondolfo, I was smitten with its charm and emotionally affected knowing that I was walking where my grandmother and countless generations of family lived and walked.

Amy Fregosi Salazar
Principal Designer & Founder

Hello! I'm the owner and principal of Mondolfo Interior Design. I am a San Francisco Peninsula native. As a child, I loved designing interiors and furniture for my Barbies. I would rearrange my bedroom and add decor. As a young adult, my decor was always colorful and out of the ordinary. I always mixed colors that complimented one another. My aunt suggested I go to school for interior design. It was not until much later in life, after designing several homes and businesses, that I finally took her advice and returned to school. I have never looked back and I love what I do!


I have traveled to many countries and speak a few languages to varying degrees. My influences are vast. Design is like music to me. It has a score, a beat and is layered with emotion. I live this life of design every day even when I am not working. At Mondolfo Interior Design, our mission is to create a design story for each client to add harmony, balance and layering to their spaces like a symphony. As a unique composition, your project will reflect mindful living and design.

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